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      China sensor manufacturers

      China Temperature Sensor & Thermistor manufacturer

      New oxygen sensor and high temperature humidity sensor developed successfully

      In May 2018, after unremitting efforts, our oxygen sensor R&D team successfully developed new products: Ambient oxygen sensor and high temperature humidity sensor. Our colleagues in the Oxygen Sensor Technology Department have begun to prepare the integrated data to apply for the research and development results as invention patents.
      In July 2018, it was officially introduced to the market for pre-sale!

      New oxygen sensor

      high temperature humidity sensor
      working principle:
      When a voltage is applied to the zirconia electrolyte unit, oxygen is pumped from the cathode side of the zirconia substrate to the anode side in the form of oxygen ions by the pump unit. The presence of very small venting pinholes on the cathode side limits the ingress of oxygen, which limits the pumping rate and saturates the current during the pumping oxygen voltage. This saturation current is called the limiting current and is almost proportional to the ambient oxygen concentration.
      Oxygen sensor chip works

      Product advantages:
      • Measurement range 10PPM-96%vol
      • High precision
      • Many models have more or less linear features
      • The effect of ambient temperature on the sensing signal
      • Small interference from other gases
      • long lasting
      • In many cases “single poin

      Application areas:
        • Oxygen Collector • Oxygen Generator

        • Inert gas treatment • Incubator (controls bacterial growth)

      food industry
        • Packaging • Control food testing • Monitor fruit growth process (storage/transportation)

        • High temperature and humidity measurement for automatic baking

      Measurement technology
         • Oxygen meter (fixed/portable) • Used to control the measurement of oxygen content • Air conditioning and ventilation

      Safety technology / monitoring
        • Fire protection • Greenhouses, wine cellars • Gas storage, oil refining • Diving • Fermentation equipment
      (electrical) industry
        • Inert gas processors and cabinets • Inert gas welding monitoring • Increased nitrogen oxidation storage • Drying equipment • Nitrogen collectors • Exhaust gas measurement
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